American Veterans Relief Program (AVRP), Inc. is a for-purpose, 501c3 tax deductible organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of our Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve men and women.  Our purpose is to continuously discover opportunities to advance their quality of life.

Our current priority is to work with:

Emergency Assistance Grant - The purpose of this program is to prevent homelessness for active duty U.S. military members and veterans.  We understand that there are times when families are facing eviction or foreclosure.  This grant of up to $1,000 will help prevent this.

Travel Grant for Early Career Enlisted Members – The purpose of this program is to provide active duty service members with a one-time grant to cover travel expenses back home.  After many months of initial training, enlisted members are sent to their first duty station.  Most often, the first duty station is far from their homes.  This grant will reimburse the cost of travel for an enlisted member to travel back.  The member must be in the rank of E-1 through E-4 and have no more than four years in service.  This grant will cover the cost of travel up to $1,000.

Donors can deduct contributions they make to this organization because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes us as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 170.  In the case you need, American Veterans Relief Program's 501(c)(3) tax number for your records is 81-2107262.

American Veterans Relief Program, Inc.